Five Sexist Marketing Fails Simon Nias

The blue and pink Kinder eggs will be available in three bursts over the next 12 months and will also feature licensed toys, including  Disney Princess (pink) and Marvel heroes (blue) in February 2014, and Barbies (pink) and Hot Wheels (blue) in June 2014.

Brand owner Ferrero has already denied any gender bias and stressed that its £5.3m marketing push to back the launch will not focus on gender, adding that parents should choose the toy they feel is most appropriate for their child.

The company said in a statement: “We do not advocate or promote our products as gender specific. Instead, Kinder Surprise Pink and Blue offers a range of interesting new toys in coloured eggs which help parents navigate the toy ranges on offer and make purchasing decisions based on what is most relevant for their child.

“Research that we undertook prior to launch indicated that parents welcome this product, with 66% of parents saying it was a good idea to have two separate ranges of toys. In addition, 66% of parents agreed that having a pink and blue Kinder Surprise egg made it easier for them to know which treat to buy for their child.”

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