Wimbledon exposed the sexism women face – as players and girlfriends

Kim Sears watches her boyfriend Andy Murray play at Wimbledonby Hadley Freeman

Sexist witterings by commentators and the media attention given to male tennis players’ girlfriends shows feminism still has a long struggle ahead.

While Andy Murray may have rewritten the enduring British sports narrative of noble failures and humiliating disappointment in the space of three hours last Sunday, some things, it seems, will take longer than 77 years to change.

I think of sexism as generally having three levels. First, there’s the kind of sexism that a small proportion of people may still find amusing or acceptable but the majority loudly abhor. Second, there’s the sexism that most people can see is appalling but, for whatever reason, it is still accepted. Third, there’s the sexism that is still so endemic that it passes by largely unnoticed.

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“Murray is indeed the first Brit to win Wimbledon in 77 years unless you think women are people” – Chloe Angyal